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Whether you’re looking for the best way to bequeath and protect your assets, charitable giving strategies, or key person coverage we have the financial vehicle to help you achieve it. We’ve worked with clients of all kinds and of all ages who have a wide-range of objectives.”

we have experience and industry connections to find the perfect fit for any financial need.

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Geer Financial Services has access to financial and management data for over 400 life insurance companies. This allows us to make the product decisions that suit you and your objectives, based on side-by-side comparisons and the latest and most relevant information available.

We have the knowledge and resources to manage all kinds of cases, whether they’re simple and straightforward or large and hard-to-place. We don’t use statistical models. We evaluate each case individually, based on unique situations and conditions. Because we’re not tied to a single carrier, we can shop the market, to find solutions for our clients’ goals.

We have electronic access to all the latest industry research industry to make more informed decisions based on your specific needs. In addition, our secure, electronic transfer allows for a faster, safer application process. We also house all of our information in a secure format, ensuring redundancy and the highest quality of protection.

Our expert on staff product analyst regularly reviews new and in-force coverage to determine the appropriate plans for our clients, keeping us at the forefront of the industry. We stay informed and educated, to ensure we offer a wide-range of products to our clients.

We also retain an outside actuarial firm to provide our Life Expectancy Calculations aside from the insurance carriers.