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At Geer Financial Services, LLC, we work with our clients to ensure they can meet their charitable aspirations through good works of financial giving, in life and after their passing. Whether it be lifetime and estate gifting, charitable remainder trusts, asset gifting strategies, or any other charity planning solution, our experts have the knowledge and relationships to find the planning and giving options that work best for you, and to seamlessly integrate them into your overall financial goals.

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Client – Net Worth of $75,000,000

Challenge – Clients wanted to gift a large amount to charity without having to use all of liquid assets.

Solution – Geer Financial Services, LLC devised a life insurance strategy in which the insureds pay an annual premium to the charity, while the charity pays the premium for the life of the insurance.

Benefit – The solution allows the clients to leave $15,000,000 to the charity of their choice, while still leaving substantial assets for other family beneficiaries. Geer Financial Services has used similar life insurance strategies to procure naming rights for arenas, hospital wings, and other charitable entities.