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Your estate plan will determine the legacy you’ll leave to those you love and support. Family, friends, charities – you want to make sure everything is in place to provide for them all, in the way you deem most appropriate. Geer Financial Services works closely with your advisors ensuring everything proceeds as planned and allowing your family to focus on more important things. We can also review your current estate plan to find a solution for your needs.


Client – Net Worth over $60,000,000

Challenge – Client needed us to execute an estate tax plan to cover the estate taxes and other costs without having to liquidate business.

Solution – Geer Financial Services, LLC obtained $20,000,000 standard rate life insurance coverage for a 79-year-old client with significant health history. We aggressively negotiated with several companies until we received a suitable offer for our clients that guaranteed a premium and death benefit.

Benefit – The client will have liquidity to pay taxes while still maintaining a viable business. We worked diligently until we found the appropriate insurance products.


Client – Net Worth of $100,000,000

Challenge – Client came to Geer Financial Services, LLC for a review of current coverage. Client had multiple underperforming policies with annual premiums of over $300,000 and no premium or death benefit guarantees.

Solution – Through extensive research and negotiations, Geer Financial Services was able to find products that lowered the annual cost of coverage over $150,000 each year, as well as provided a product with a guaranteed death benefit.

Benefit – The number of in force policies were reduced and streamlined, while also providing added peace of mind to the client through life insurance products with guarantees.