At Geer Financial Services, LLC, we identify financial strategies through our relationships with industry associates, as well as our partnerships with our clients and their advisors. Our relationships with industry professionals across the country allow us to secure some of the best packages, rates, and deals. Our close collaboration with our clients enables us to determine a well-suited solution for their financial goals.
  • Our experience, knowledge and strong relationships with carriers allow us to place hard to issue cases at standard or better rates and obtain offers we believe many other agents cannot.
  • Our primary focus is on life insurance while others concentrate on securities, annuities, and the like.
  • We work one-on-one with our clients and advisors to explain every aspect of our work—we make sure you understand everything we’re doing, all the time.
  • We will work until we get the answer you are looking for—no is never an option.
  • We’re licensed with over 60 insurance companies, so we can shop the marketplace for the best financial solutions we can offer.
  • We care for our clients far beyond our professional relationships. Everyone we work with becomes a part of the Geer Financial Services, LLC family.