As a business owner, you’ve taken all the necessary steps to ensure your business continues to flourish long after you’re gone. You’ve made plans and set goals, all of which Geer Financial Services, LLC can make sure go just as you intend. Whatever you need–transfer ownership plans, life insurance for key employees, or any other financial strategy we can help make certain you and your business continue to move forward no matter what.


Client – Nationwide Business with Net Worth of $100,000,000

Challenge – Client needed coverage for key personnel located across the country. If the company lost one of its key employees there would be a severe impact on revenue and production.

Solution – Geer Financial Services, LLC took care of everything, by negotiating optimal life insurance coverage for every key person throughout the organization.

Benefit – With coverage in place the company is now protected in case a key employee dies. If an untimely death occurred the new life insurance gives them much needed assistance to recruit, hire and train new personnel. The process was also made easy by having Geer Financial Services, LLC handle all of the policy negotiations and placement.

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