We use our own product analyst and actuary to review product and pricing to provide our clients with appropriate products for their needs. We work directly with insurance carriers and their underwriters to negotiate what we think are the most suitable offers for our clients.
  • We work with affluent families with portfolios of at least $25 million to over $1 billion in assets, for which our expertise, experience and industry connections are ideally suited.
  • We focus on life insurance while others concentrate on securities, annuities, and the like.
  • We take an objective look at your situation and objectives, then identify and employ the ideal products and plan design to achieve maximum performance.
  • We actively manage your plan, routinely reviewing the policies and products in place for possible performance improvement options.
  • We employ creative methods for developing and improving plan designs, always searching for new and innovative ways to maximize results.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are at the very top of our priority list and we carefully safeguard our clients’ financial and health information.